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Winter prep starts now! Why yoga is awesome for skiers and snowboarders...

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Want to start your winter stronger and more balanced, moving fluidly with presence and ease? Get winter ready with our 4 week Mountain Yoga Program

You've probably started to notice the days becoming a little shorter and that autumnal nip in the air, and if you're a mountain lover, thoughts of the snowy peaks and winter might have started to creep into your headspace. Maybe you have a big trip planned for this winter, or you're lucky enough to be spending the whole winter in the mountains.

Winter sports are exhilarating, but they can take their toll on your body. In order to perform at your best, it's essential to prep body + mind. That's where yoga comes in!

As you probably already know, yoga has phenomenal benefits for physical, mental and emotional well-being.

For us mountain folk, how can we tap into the benefits of yoga and get the most out of our pre-season prep?

Yoga benefits for skiers and snowboarders


A yoga practice, in addition to other strength-training practices, helps us build strength in the areas we need it most. Think legs, lower body and core strength.

Practicing yoga specifically designed to build strength where skiers and snowboarders need it most will make a massive difference, especially at the start of the season - think no more thigh burn!


Many asanas (postures) we practice on the mat help improve balance. The more stable you are on your feet, the less you'll fall over. Simple!

Flexibility and mobility

Increased flexibility and mobility allow you to adapt quickly and easily to terrain changes, low light, unexpected bumps... And creating a feel for flow on the mat will get you moving and flowing freely on the mountain. Think dreamy, flowy carves, and laid back, surf-style slashes... (OK I can't wait for winter now!)

Quicker recovery

Learning to rest effectively, and to tune into your body and know when you need to take it easy, have a good stretch and a chill, is super important for your recovery. If you're well-rested, you'll feel fresh the next day

Reduce risk of injury

All these physical benefits, along with greater awareness and improved mind-body connection, set us up in better shape to avoid picking up annoying injuries over the winter.

Learn to breathe better!

Pranayama, or breathwork, not only increases lung capacity, these practices allow us to use our breath as a tool to regulate our nervous system. You can use your breath to amp the body up and build energy, or calm it down and maintain focus and calm in challenging conditions and circumstances.

Improved mental clarity and focus

Yoga and mindfulness practices help bring you back to a place of clarity and calm, like the still ocean floor beneath the waves of the surface. You'll find more space in between thoughts, which can be crucial when you need to keep your cool, on and off the mountain.

Committing to a regular yoga practice

These benefits sound awesome, but you might be wondering where you'll find a spare hour to commit to a daily yoga practice! Life is busy, days are full, and making the time to roll out your mat is often a luxury.

The good news is, your yoga practice adds up over time, and the more regularly you practice, the easier it becomes to tap into that blissful feeling that an awesome yoga practice can bring you to. So no need to carve an extra hour into your day, you can create a healthy habit to commit to your physical and mental well-being, with a short daily practice.

A short movement practice or a few mindful moments all add up to become an integral part of your daily routine, leaving you stronger, more balanced, present and rested.

It's not so much the hours spent on the mat, it's making the commitment to yourself to listen to what your body is asking for and taking the time for a little movement, mindfulness or rest, even if it's just a few minutes.

Over the years of my own yoga practice, sharing yoga tailored to mountain life, and getting as much time on the hill as possible, I've noticed first-hand just how important it is to commit to taking care of your body in the lead up to, and during the winter season.

It might also have something to do with the years passing by! But I certainly notice the difference in my physical and mental well-being if I don't make time each day for a little yoga.

With this in mind, I've drawn on the aspects of my yoga practice most suited to pre-winter prep, and tailored them into a 4 week program of short, easy-to-fit-in yoga practices, designed to create a nourishing and long-lasting habit, setting up you up to head into your best winter yet!

Each week, you'll receive 5 short, pre-recorded classes to work through at your own pace, building on 5 key foundations of Mountain Yoga :

  • Strength - powerful sequences to build strength in the areas you need it most. Think lower body and core, as well as full-body strength

  • Balance - use that foundation of strength to cultivate balance - on the mat and on the mountain

  • Flow - combining strength and balance with fluid movement to boost flexibility, mobility and range of motion. Move creatively on the mat and on the mountain and begin to tune in deeper to breath and movement to find your flow

  • Presence - dive deeper into your yoga practice through body, mind and breath connection to cultivate presence, focus and inner calm

  • Rest - rest is essential for recovery and injury prevention. We'll introduce conscious rest and relaxation techniques to help you recover from your winter adventures and get ready for your next one!

If you're ready to commit to a regular yoga practice, and to head into your winter strong, balanced, fluid, present, and rested, sign up for our 4-week Mountain Yoga program here. Your body will thank you!

Got questions? Read on...

Who is the Mountain Yoga program for?

The program is for skiers, snowboarders and mountain lovers looking to maximise their performance on the slopes by building a solid foundation of pre-season prep. You don't need yoga experience, just to make space for 20-30 minutes a day to commit to taking care of your body, mind and spirit before the winter ahead!

What can I expect from the 4-week program?

When you sign up you'll receive an email to confirm your inscription. The program launches on Monday 13th November, so you'll get an email reminder when you are able to access the course. Then, you can make your way through the 5 pre-recorded classes each week at your own pace. Each class focuses on a specific element : strength, balance, fluidity and flexibility, mindfulness and conscious rest. The program is designed to be completed over 4 weeks, so you can fit the 5 practices in at a time that suits you.

What do you need to begin?

All you'll need is an internet connection, a yoga or fitness mat, some props - yoga blocks, a yoga strap, blankets and cushions (or a yoga bolster if you have one). If you don't have yoga props, fear not - books make great blocks, and a belt can replace a strap!

I've never practiced yoga before, can I join?

Absolutely! The classes will be easy to follow, and being self-paced, you can always hit pause if you need to and take a break. Each week's classes will build on the previous week, and follow an easy-to-follow format - you'll start the week with higher-energy practices and wind down to more restorative classes by day 5.

I'm not flexible, can I do yoga?

Lucky for you, one of the main benefits of yoga is that it increases flexibility, mobility and range of motion. Poses can be adapted to suit your body (I always offer different options!), and props like blocks and straps give us a helping hand. By the end of the 4 weeks, you'll notice a significant improvement in your own flexibility.

I don't have much spare time, how can I fit all this yoga in?!

The Mountain Yoga program is designed to fit around your busy life. Daily practices are no longer than 30 minutes a day, and with 5 practices per week, you can fit classes in when it suits you.

What's the investment?

The Mountain Yoga program will be live from November at the introductory price of just 34€.

The program begins on Monday 13th November. You can sign up here, and commit to improving your riding and your overall well-being!

Not ready to commit to the full 4 week program or not sure if yoga is for you? Try my free 5 day Winter Ready yoga challenge here !

I can't wait to see you on the mat or on the mountain! ❄️

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