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Tāḍāsana, or Mountain pose in sanskrit, is the foundation of all yoga poses, and the basis from which they are derived. A strong foundation built on focus and concentration, it is the perfect place to begin your yoga practice.

Oh, and I live here, in Tignes, France, so the mountain theme kind of makes sense...

Hello there, I'm Hannah, and if you're here, I guess you're interested in my yoga journey. For me, it began over a decade ago, in a church hall in my home town of Bolton, UK. A wonderful teacher inspired my journey deeper into this beautiful practice. Combine this with my lifelong love for the mountains, and in 2009 I followed my heart to the French Alps, working winter seasons here in Tignes.

Skiing and snowboarding became huge passions, and fortunately, my yoga practice continued as the perfect antidote to the various aches and pains that come with these adventurous sports. I practised, albeit somewhat sporadically, until a major knee surgery in 2014 following a traumatic ski accident. A 9-month long recovery ahead of me, and a year off the skis, I wondered if yoga could help. After the surgery, I couldn't bend or bear weight on my right leg. Physiotherapy and lots of hard work in the gym brought strength back to my leg, but I lacked flexibility. I turned back to yoga, initially for the physical benefits, as many of us do, and I'm so grateful to say I discovered so much more.

My practice deepened. I discovered more than the physical, and through asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breath practices) and meditation, yoga became a constant source of refuge, of grounding, and of peace in my daily life. As the cliché goes, yoga transformed my life. I wanted to share this feeling with others. 

I qualified as a yoga teacher in 2016 from Santosha Yoga Institute in Uluwatu, Bali, and after travelling to Australia, New Zealand, Nepal and India, I returned to Tignes in 2017 to begin teaching weekly classes and share my love and passion for yoga in the French Alps.

My philosophy is that yoga can be of benefit everybody. It is not exclusively for the flexible, the strong, or the spiritual. It is not exclusively practiced on a mat or in a studio. To me, yoga is a sense of ease and bliss, to be carried with me on the journey through this life.

My classes reflect my beliefs, and are accessible to everybody, from seasonnaires looking to find some tranquility in the midst of a busy season, to the stiffest, achy-est, never-stretched-in-their-lifetime hardcore skiers and snowboarders. I offer ski and snowboard specific classes tailored to soothe and strengthen the body, bring stillness to the mind, and create a little yoga bliss. 

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