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Autumnal Self Care

Back in the mountains and autumn is well and truly here 🍂 are you like me, feeling a little you just wanna get under a duvet and eat soup 24/7? 🥣 well good news…

🍁 as the temperatures drop and the days draw in, it’s normal that our energy levels also slow down. We are beings of nature, so as nature prepares to rest for the winter, naturally so do we 🍂

Autumn is a time of transition from the vibrant solar energy of the summer 🌞 to the calmer lunar energy of the winter 🌝 and it’s a sloooow one - the leaves take their time to turn and eventually fall 🍂

It’s also the time of the harvest in nature - a time to reap the fruits of our efforts earlier in the year 🌾

Here’s a few things you can incorporate to find yourself in harmony with this season of transition and harvest… 💆‍♀️ prioritising rest and self care 😴 getting plenty of sleep 🌳 practicing restorative and nourishing movement, like gentle yoga or walks in nature 🧖‍♀️ warming massage is super beneficial at this time of year! Any excuse to get one booked in 😉 or grab your favourite oil and practice self massage after a warm shower or bath to nourish dry skin 🍠 eating warming, seasonal foods to warm the body from the inside out - think root veg, soups, stews, curries... Time to step away from raw foods and cold juices! 📝 taking time to acknowledge and reflect on your efforts and achievements throughout the year and where they have brought you. Focus on basking in and reaping the benefits of these efforts, rather than pushing and striving. Time to give yourself a pat on the back for getting this far in 2021! 🏅

For those in the mountains, we can see this time of year as a time to rest, recuperate and prepare body + mind for (hopefully!) a busy winter ahead!

Autumn yoga classes will be starting again soon in Tignes or you can join me on Zoom on Sunday evenings for some nourishing autumnal practices.

Head to my bookings page for more details.

Also check out my other blog posts for a warming autumn yoga sequence, and some more yoga and Ayurveda well-being tips.

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