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Yoga for Autumn

Try these warming, grounding poses to counteract the cool, breezy, Vata energy of the autumn.

Focus your awareness on the points of your body in contact with the Earth and hold each pose for 5 smooth breaths, allowing a sense of grounding to root into the body and mind 🧡

1. Tadasana to urdhva hastasana ~ mountain pose to inhale and raise arms up as soles of feet root down

2. Uttanasana ~ forward bend with palms in contact with the earth ~ calm the mind as you turn attention inward

3. Adho mukha svanasana ~ downward facing down ~ warm the body from the inside out

4. Virabhadrasana 2 ~ warrior 2 ~ stillness and strength as legs ground

5. Trikonasana ~ triangle pose ~ bring balance into the body

6. Parsovottanasana ~ pyramid pose ~ fold over the front leg to bring awareness inside once again

7. Parivrtta trikonasana ~ twisted triangle pose ~ accentuating balance as you twist open

8. Vrksasana ~ tree pose ~ rooting and rising upward and outward

9. Ardha matsyendrasana ~ half lord of the fishes pose ~ root through sitting bones as you

twist through the spine

➰ repeat on the other side, then relax into savasana, and enjoy the stillness and calm you have cultivated 🧡

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