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I'm sure you have all seen the heartbreaking images of the covid crisis ravaging India. Almost all families in India have been directly affected by the virus. There is a huge shortage of ventilators, medicines, hospital beds, vaccines and oxygen cylinders as this second wave devastates the country.

As practicioners of yoga, we owe so much to India. It is yoga's roots, yoga's home. Helping India as best we can in this time of crisis is, in my eyes as a yoga teacher, non-negotiable. It is not charity, rather it is thanking India for everything we have taken from her. Now is our time to give back to India in her time of need.

There are so many worthy causes to donate to and it can be hard to know where to give what you can. I have found some organisations that are doing incredible work and also accept donations in GBP or EUR.

  • Care India are providing oxygen, PPE and medical equipment in makeshift Covic facilities, as well as providing education on Covid-appropriate behaviour throughout India.

Of course, there are so many other organisations which need your help, but I thought this could be a useful starting point. And if a financial contribution is not possible, you can simply share this post or other posts to raise awareness.

Through offering our support and our prayers to India at this time we practice seva, selfless service, and create connections of loving kindness with the world and all beings around us. Please do whatever you can.

Thank you for reading,


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