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Quick lower body yoga sequence for skiers and snowboarders

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

This sequence helps build strength in the legs and core and is suitable for all levels. It'll take you under 10 minutes to flow through the movements, and it's ideal to add to your pre-season prep

chair pose to forward bend

with the feet hips distance apart, bend your knees and sink your weight towards your heels. You'll feel your quad muscles engage as you keep your knees in line with your toes.

For an extra challenge, lift your toes up!

On an exhale, hinge at your hips to fold forward and feel little stretch of the hamstrings.

Inhale to come back into chair, and repeat 5 times

knee to chest to warrior 3

on an inhale, press firmly onto your standing left leg as you draw your right knee up to your chest.

Hands come to prayer in front of the heat, as your hinge forward from your hips and extend the right leg back into warrior 3.

Pause in warrior 3 for 5 full breaths, grounding strongly through your left leg and engaging your core muslcles to stay balanced!

step back to high lunge for knee drops

with as much control as possible, step your right leg back to a high lunge.

Balance the weight of your body equally into both legs and extend your arms up.

Keep your gaze down to your mat to help your balance, and on an exhale, drop your right knee to the mat.

Inhale to come back to a high lunge, exhale to drop your knee. Repeat 5 times, matching your movement with your breath and engaging leg and core muscles to stay steady!

hip hinges

come back to a high lunge with the pelvis balanced. On an exhale, keep the lower body stable as your hinge at your hips to drop the torso toward your front leg, engaging your core as you pause with the arms extending back.

Inhale to come back up to high lunge.

Move with your breath for 4 more movements.

on your 5th forward bend, pick up to warrior 3

ground strongly through your left leg and left big toe to feel the strength and stability of your standing leg, and as you hinge forward, lift your right leg off the mat to return to warrior 3 with the arms in line with the body and hold for 3 breaths

step through and come to standing pidgeon

exhale to lower your right leg back down as you come to stand, then inhale to extend the leg out infront, all while engaging your core to keep steady and extending the arms up.

Then bend the left knee, and bring your right ankle on top of your left knee as you sit back into a standing pidgeon pose. Hands come to heart, feel left leg engage as you open your right hip, and stay for 3 breaths before returning to chair to repeat the sequence on the other side.

Try my 5 day Winter Ready yoga challenge here, and if you'd like to find out how yoga can boost your overall winter well-being check out my blog post about the physical and mental benefits of a yoga practice for mountain lovers.

Winter classes will be running from December, or join me online to prep body + mind for a radical winter ahead!

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